Thinking and working politically in transparency and accountability

Halloran, Brendan (2014) Transparency and Accountability Initiative

Over the past decade, efforts to promote and strengthen transparency and accountability (T/A) have proliferated.  Yet the impact of these interventions is questionable.  Increasingly, organizations working in the T/A field have realized they need to ‘think politically’ about the changes they hope to promote.  But what does thinking politically mean in practice?  And how do organizations move from thinking politically to working politically?

Challenges in the transparency and accountability (T/A) sector are rooted in political dynamics between states and citizens, and thus must be addressed through politically- informed approaches

The analysis of political factors has advanced over the past decade, but organizations still struggle to move from ‘thinking politically’ to ‘working politically’

‘Working politically’ in the T/A sector has concrete implications for both organizational approaches and how we understand change and impact, which must be rooted in nuanced understandings of political context and role of pro-accountability actors.

Taxonomy:Contextual Factors > Collaborative (State-Civic)
Strategy and Implementation
Type of practice:Transparency and Accountability
Type of material:Brief
Research design/ method:Theory based
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