Reflections on social accountability. Catalyzing democratic governance to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals

Rowden, Rick (ed) (2013) United Nations Development Program

This publication looks at four types of social accountability initiatives to illustrate practices across contrasting domains of intervention, from local to international: a community-based initiative with citizen participation, a national development policy and planning process, a formalized state accountability process and an international policy process.

The paper pays special attention to information, the use of ICTs, contextual factors as urbanization and conflict, and to the impact on social inclusion and the Millennium Development Goals.

It also provides and assessment of the evidence available on the field and reflects on social accountability in the post MDGs development agenda.

Taxonomy:Contextual Factors > Information
Strategy and Implementation > Intended Outcome
Tags:Development, ICT, and Urbanization
Countries:Afghanistan, Guatemala, Liberia, and Pakistan
Sector:Education, Health, and Water
Type of practice:Transparency, Participation, and Accountability
ICT enabled:Mixed
Evidence of impact:NA
Type of material:Analytical paper
Research design/ method:Synthesis
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  1. tapadmin

    An interesting publication since one of the central issues that must be addressed in the post-2015 strategy is the question of accountability. The absence of meaningful accountability mechanisms in the original MDGs has been identified as one of the main reasons that can explain limited progress. Many are now claiming that placing accountability and human rights at the very heart of the post-2015 agenda will be critical to make sure the commitments are honored in practice.

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