Mixed incentives: Adopting ICT innovations for transparency, accountability and anti-corruption

Davies, Tim; Fumega, Silvana (2014) U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

Governments adopt anti-corruption-related ICT innovations for many reasons. Different motivations for adopting these technologies shape the way they are put into practice and the anti-corruption impacts they may have. ICT for anti-corruption should not be understood as a single approach, since different technologies, and different modes of technology adoption, create different dynamics. Whether or not a particular ICT can bring anti-corruption benefits will depend upon the design of a specific implementation, the incentives driving its adoption, and the wider context in which it is applied. This issue paper raises critical questions for policy makers, funders, and advocates to consider when seeking positive anti-corruption impacts from ICTs.

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  1. Aranzazu Guillan Montero Post author

    As a complement you can check an OGP webinar by Tiago Peixoto and Boris Weber which provided a comprehensive overview of how governments may reap the benefits gained from citizen engagement and how technology may enhance these processes. It looked at concrete cases of ICT-facilitated citizen engagement, and how they could be replicated and scaled within different contexts. The webinar is accessible through the World Bank website at http://worldbankva.adobeconnect.com/p9ek08z9c1i/

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