Impact case studies from middle income and developing countries. New technologies

Fung, Archon; Gilman, Hollie R.; Shkabatur, Jennifer (2010) Transparency and Accountability Initiative

ICTs hold a great deal of promise for those looking to promote transparency and accountability – yet, as this report argues, they have yet to produce a sea change in the direction of increased accountability. Technology for transparency and accountability is a nascent field. This paper seeks to enhance the evidence base for the actual impact of ICTs on transparency and accountability. Using case studies from Brazil, Chile, India, Kenya, and Slovakia, it documents impact and looks at the conditions for success in the use of ICTs for transparency and accountability: what tools are being used, how they are being used and how their strategic use is helping to include wider society in transparency and accountability work. The diverse initiatives examined range from attempts to increase accountability in local government to facilitating consumer complaints. The paper makes recommendations for those funding and supporting technological interventions that aim to increase public or private sector accountability.

Strategy and Implementation > Approach/Tool > Transparency > Information/Transparency Portals
Countries:Brazil, Kenya, India, Chile, and Slovakia
Region:Africa, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, and South East Asia
Type of practice:Transparency
ICT enabled:Yes
Evidence of impact:Yes
Research design/ method:Case based
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