Contextual Factors

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TAP practices are embedded in specific contexts which shape the opportunities and constraints for advancing public accountability. The recognition that context matters has led to attempts to better understand how it matters and what are the different macro and micro contextual factors that influence the adoption, implementation and results of TAP initiatives.

In addition to macro structural factors such as history, cultural norms and values, patterns of state-society relations, legal and institutional frameworks, actors’ initiatives are driven by other contextually embedded factors such as capacity, incentives, problem awareness, and willingness and legitimacy to act, among others.

The Latin American approach to transparency and access to information

Fundar (2012) Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA)
By providing greater access to public information and promoting transparency, Latin American countries seek to improve social oversight, inform citizens about government policies and programmes, advance other human rights, reduce corruption and enhance overall accountability. This Guide analyses various initiatives…

Civil society for development

Fung, Archon; Kosack, Stephen (2013) Transparency and Accountability Initiative, R4D,Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School of Government
A series of blog entries that provide a glimpse on ongoing research in the pipeline by T/AI, R4D and Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. The research focuses on how can providing information lead…

Does Transparency Improve Governance?

Kosack, Stephen; Fung, Archon (2013) Annual Review of Political Science 17:65-87.
In both developed and developing societies, there has been increasing interest in recent years in the potential of transparency — the provision of information to the public — to improve governance. In this article, we characterize…

Accountability in International Aid: The Case of Georgia

Bruckner. Till (2011) University of Bristol
This thesis explores accountability in international aid to the Republic of Georgia in 2008-2009. Conceptualizing accountability as the obligation to manage the expectations of multiple stakeholders with often divergent interests, it challenges the common assumption…

Putting things into context. Time to rethink social accountability?

Guerzovich, Florencia; Rosenzweig, Steven (2013) Transparency Initative Think Piece
The field of transparency and accountability (T/A) has matured in recent years. Two decades ago reformers sought ‘magic bullets’ – solutions that would work in all countries and all sectors. Today, however, we are increasingly…

Transparency and accountability

Carter, Becky (2014) GSDRC Helpdesk Research Report
This rapid literature review looks at how, where and under what conditions transparency and accountability initiatives (TAIs) have had an impact on 1) increased access to data by citizens and 2) the accountability of the…