About TAP Knowledge


TAP Knowledge is a user-centered, collaborative knowledge management platform for access to information and knowledge on citizen participation and how it relates to transparency and accountability.

The platform is a collective effort of TALEARN’s Transparency, Accountability and Participation (TAP) Nexus Practice Group to better understand and leverage the connection between transparency, accountability and participation.

TAP Knowledge has been developed by U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre with support of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative.


The mission of TAP Knowledge is to inform research and practice on transparency, accountability and participation in order to make them more effective and useful.


TAP Knowledge supports the work of practitioners, researchers, civil society organizations, and donors by providing access to knowledge and information on citizen participation, transparency and accountability. It is designed to facilitate:

  • Connecting available knowledge to current and future research and practice
  • Collaboration and dialogue between interested actors
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and the approaches and experiences that can help fill them

All information on TAP Knowledge is free and public. Users have easy and free access to different kinds of resources, including structured and formal knowledge as well as practical information and evidence from projects.

TAP Knowledge is a global resource, highlighting TAP information and knowledge in different countries around the world.

For additional information, please see the TAP Knowledge – An Introduction section.

How to use TAP Knowledge

TAP Knowledge organizes in a user-friendly way knowledge and evidence from practice and research to better understand the “degree to which” and “under which conditions” “informed citizen engagement” can lead to enhanced accountability.

Materials and information are meaningfully organized around topics of interest (taxonomy) that allow users synthesizing and classifying existing knowledge and research and identifying where the evidence and knowledge gaps are.

The database of resources is organized into three main sections:

  • Actors that lead & implement initiatives
  • Contextual Factors that influence effectiveness in specific settings
  • Strategy & Implementation issues that affect results and impact in practice

Users can search the database to find resources and materials of interest and relevance to their own work, either research or practice. Users will find:

  • General overview of the main aspects of effective project choice, design and evaluation
  • Pages with comprehensive and accessible explanation of up-to-date knowledge, evidence and debates in the field
  • A large and growing archive of research, background materials, and project documents for deeper understanding of specific concerns
  • A clear and didactic organization of materials
  • Tools for searching and narrowing down materials to match specific interests

To help you navigate the site, please see the How to Use TAP Knowledge section.

Scope and potential 

TAP Knowledge provides:

  • Easy and free access to research materials on citizen participation, transparency and accountability.
  • Project related materials from practitioners and organizations working to advance citizen engagement, transparency and accountability in different countries and regions.
  • User-friendly e-library to download relevant materials and publications (papers, reports, evaluations, briefs, and many more).
  • Experts’ reflections on the state of the evidence around TAP, the remaining knowledge gaps, and the challenges of evidence-based practice.


TAP Knowledge is a learning tool for funders, practitioners and researchers. It provides a snapshot of the current state of our knowledge on TAP, allowing the user to identify:

  • Areas with stronger knowledge and evidence where resources are abundant
  • Gaps in our knowledge by indicating areas where information is limited


TAP Knowledge provides a guided introduction to TAP knowledge and practice by providing access to:

  • Definitions & explanation of terminology
  • Summary and analysis of current literature and evidence on specific topics
  • Summaries, ratings and commentaries of materials


TAP Knowledge provides guidance and information for designing and implementing more effective initiatives, supporting:

  • Evidence based decision making
  • Informed project design and implementation
  • Improved project choice

For additional information, please see the TAP Knowledge Functions section.


Users can contribute to TAP Knowledge in different forms through TAP Knowledge Collaborate. For sharing information, documents and materials, you just need to complete a simple registration process to access the platform. Users are also encouraged to comment and submit feedback on specific resources and on the platform.

You can also engage with other researchers and practitioners in the field by raising questions and submitting issues for discussion through the Discussion Forum.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about TAP Knowledge or in collaborating, please Contact us.